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Here you can find some links that may be useful for you.

FPV related Shops

  • Electronica RC
    Spanish online shop for FPV/UAV systems and RC Control.
  • HobbyCity
    World's most know RC shop. Planes, electronics, tools, and so much more and very low prices.
  • BEVRC.com
    FPV frames & electronics.
  • FPV Systems.com
    FPV frames & electronics.
  • FPV Systems.es
    FPV frames & electronis - Spanish website.
  • First Person View
    An UK shop for a large variety of FPV Products.
  • Dragon Labs
    One of the best UHF RC controls systems & OSD available in the market today.
  • Range Video
    Very popular shop for Tx/Rx video systems. Also the home of the RVOSD, which goes on Gen5 already.
  • DPCAV - Digital Products Company
    Electronic kits, antennas, and RF products.
  • FPV Flying.com
    Well know shop for FPV products. Home of the Mugin UAV platform, a 50cc Gas UAV.
  • Sparkfun Electronics
    A very good resource on DIY electronic kits and many others.
  • ReadyMadeRC
    US shop with a wide range of FPV/RC Products.
  • FPV Flying
    A nice shop, home of the Mugin and Hugin UAV airframes.
  • SecurityCamera2000
    One of the best places to find nice video cameras on the web.
  • New Generation Hobbies
    Your one stop FPV Shop.
  • DMD.es
    Spanish shop. Home of the LRS 868Mhz for FPV applications. They also sell all kinds of antennas.

General RC related Shops


  • Eagle Tree Systems
    Home of the very know EzOSD, with antenna tracker, diversity etc. You will want to take a look on this site!
  • MyFlyDream.com
    An amazing antenna tracking system with integrated Bluetooth, which allows you to see the telemetry data live on your mobile phone. The telemetry works through an audio channel, making it compatible with any OSD available in the market. They also have an OSD system.
  • GoPro - Be a Hero
    World's best selling wearable HD Cameras for sports.
  • Immersion RC
    Home of the EzUHF, EzOSD, iTelemetry systems.
  • Last One Down
    Home of the FPV vario system.


  • RC Groups
    Worldwide know forum about RC.
  • RC Groups - Thread about RPV/FPV
    If you want to be updated with all the latest news on FPV world, you CANNOT miss this thread, because it's the epicenter of FPV :).
  • DIY Drones
    The largest amateur Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) community on the web.
  • FPV-Community.com
    Known forum about FPV flying.
  • Aeromodelismo Virtual
    Spanish forum about UAV/FPV and DIY projects.
  • FPV-Labs Forum
    "Where all the cool guys will be hanging out ... no more bickering, no more nonsense, just FPV goodness" by ssassen.

Personal / Team websites

  • Team Black Sheep - Home of the one and only pioneer of FPV, trappy :) YOU HAVE TO SEE THEIR VIDEOS!!!
  • FPV Pilot - Learn what it takes to pilot or drive RC using wireless video.
  • RC-Cam - R/C Model Video & Projects.

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