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Wight Lady - A scratch build construction

This plane was my very first construction of a RC plane, in 2002. It flew only 3 times, where the last one ended in a big crash. I then repaired it, put it on the shell and it never flew again, because it doesn't fly as it should. If you see the pictures, you will notice that the construction is poor, due to my rush of finishing it and put it to fly. Making a RC plane always consumes a lot of time, and for that, you need to have patience and do things with time and properly done. This was my very first lesson. I still have this plane, as a reminder of when I started to build, and how I should NOT work :)

Technical and other related data:

Construction started in:
Build time:
2,5 weeks (yes, too fast to be good enough)
Wingspan: 1100mm
Engine: Magnum .42
Weight: 2.6kg

Please click on the pictures to see actual size.

Wight Lady Wight Lady Wight Lady

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