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Ultra Sport 1000 - Great Planes

After the construction disaster of the Wight Lady, and still in 2002, I decided to get a Kit, to see if I was able to do a better job back then. This kit was sold to me from someone who started to build it, but gave up some time later. It took me about 7 months to build this plane, but after, the results were amazing. Even today, in 2011, I'm still flying with this plane, it flies with a superb stability, and it lands slow as a trainer. This model is simply incredible, I love it.
    Also, back then (and still today), ASP engines were considered one of the worst for RC planes. This one has a  ASP 1.08 Glow engine, and since 2002 until now, it NEVER stopped in the air, ever!

Technical and other related data:

Construction started in:
Build Time: 7 months
First flight: Sept/2002
Manufacturer: Great Planes
Bought as: Kit
Wingspan: 2003mm
Length: 1680mm
6x Hitec 205bb
Weight: ??
ASP 1.08 Glow

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Ultra Sport 1000 Ultra Sport 1000 Ultra Sport 1000
Ultra Sport 1000 Ultra Sport 1000 Ultra Sport 1000

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