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Thor 40

This was my second RC airplane, built in 2001. My very first glow engine airplane, was a Thor 40 that I bought in second hand. It had so many crashes, that it got to a point that I didn't knew if it had more epoxy or balsa on it :)
As I couldn't afford a brand new airplane, I built this version of the trainer with 3mm plywood and balsa, and finished it in only 3 days. It flew for a couple of months, and it was actually stable at flight, which gave me hours and hours of fun.
Today, this model is stored in the shell, as a memory of my early beginnings.

Technical and other related data:

Construction started in:
Build Time: 3 days
First flight: May/2001
Manufacturer: myself
Wingspan: 1400mm
Length: 1150mm
Servos: 4x Futaba 3003
Weight: ??
GMS .47

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Thor 40

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