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Extra 300s - Patty Wagstaff

This was my first large scale RC airplane. I bought it back in the end of 2004, and it took me around 2 months to finish it. It's powered by a ZDZ 50NG engine, which is by far the best brand of gasoline engines for RC airplanes in my opinion. I actually bought two of these models. The first one was totally crashed after it stalled due to low speed on landing. I then bought a second model, which also had a serious accident, when after it took of, the engine stopped, while heavy loaded with gasoline and diesel for smoke. It was totally restored and as you can see in the pictures, it's still flying today.

Technical and other related data:

Date of purchase:
Bought as:
ARF (Almost Ready to Fly)
Great Planes
Wingspan: 1980mm
Number of servos: 7
Engine: ZDZ 50NG gasoline
Weight: 7.3kg
Other features: Sullivan smoke pump, fuel tank installed on CG, servo installed on choke

Please click on the pictures to see actual size.

Extra 300s Extra 300s Extra 300s
Extra 300s Extra 300s Extra 300s

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