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FPV Glossary

When we are navigating through some forum sites regarding FPV and electronics, many times you see abbreviations that you might not understand it's meaning. Here you can find the definition of some of the most abbreviations used by RC FPV pilots.

AHI - Artificial Horizon
AP - Autopilot
AT - Antenna Tracking
CG - Center of Gravity
COG - Center of Gravity
DIY - Do It Yourself
DL - Abbreviation of the amazing Dragon Link UHF RC System.
DOSD - Dragon Labs OSD.
EZ* - Abbreviation for a know airframe changed for FPV, the Easy Star made by Multiplex.
FPV - First Person View
GS - Ground Station, refers to the equipment on the ground to receive telemetry and video from an FPV plane.
LM - Used by some FPV users, refering to the popular LawMate Tx/Rx systems.
LOS - Line Of Sight
NLOS - Non Line Of Sight 
OSD - On Screen Display
RF - Radio Frequency
RPV - Remotely Piloted Vehicle
RSSI - Relative Signal Strength Index
RTH - Return to Home. Some OSD devices have built in a return to home feature, which makes the airplane going back to the initial launch place.
RTL - Return to Launch. Basically, same as RTH.
RVOSD - Refers to Range Video OSD.
Rx - Receiver
SW - SkyWalker, a very stable airframe for FPV
TBS - Come on, you don't know this one? Team Black Sheep :)
Tx - Transmitter
UAV - Unmanned Air Vehicle
Vrx - Video Receiver
Vtx - Video Transmitter
WOT - Wide Open Throttle

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