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Aviation History

- The Wright brothers made the first manned flight in an airplane engine in the U.S. in 1903.
Perhaps more than any other invention of the 20th century, successful flying machine remarkably influenced the lives of citizens around the world. Its beginnings were difficult and prolonged, but as the plane became a practical public transport, its social impact was felt quickly.

During the long journey of almost a century that led to the first plane that actually flew in 1903, the day-to-day lives of ordinary people was little affected by the numerous and often bizarre experiences of the pioneers. Although the balloon pioneers were widely disseminated in the press, the first flight on an airplane, made by the Wright brothers in 1903, had very few publicity and, later, was even questioned. Since 1905, the Wright's managed to capture the attention of the world, and in 1909, eight types of flying machines (six of them designed and built in Europe) were enrolled in the first international airline in Reims, France.

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Aviation Chronology 

1903  1909 1912 1915
Flyer I - Wright Brothers Bleriot XI Deperdussin (France) Junkers Ju I
First engine piloted flight, achieved by Orville Wright in Kitty Hawks, North Carolina, USA, on it's Flyer I.  First sea-cross flight (crossing the English channel) by Louis Bleriot, a French pilot on a Bleriot XI monoplane. First monocoque fuselage built in wood for a racing Deperdussin (France). First fully metal wing plane, the Junkers Ju-I, from Germany
1919  Still in 1919 1927 1937
Vickers Vimy  Curtiss NC-4  James Doolittle  Lockheed XC-35 
First  transatlantic non-stop flight from UK to West Ireland, conducted by John W. Alcock and Arthur W. Brown on a twin-engine Vimmy biplane.   First transatlantic flight, made by stages, passing by Azores, piloted by captain Albert Cushing Read and his crew on a seaplane, the Curtiss NC-4 (USA). Artificial horizon and directional gyroscope enhanced by Sperry, USA, allowing Lt. James Doolittle the first flight and instrument landing (USA). World's first pressurized aircraft, the Lockheed XC-35 (USA).
1939 1947 1949 1954
HE 178-V1 Bell X-1 Flying Beadstead
World's first jet-engine aircraft, the    HE-178 built by Heinkel, Germany. First manned flight to exceed the sound speed in horizontal flight was the Bell X-1 (USA). First Jet plane passenger flight, made by the Comet, from De Havilland company. It's inaugural flight was made in 1949, and it was the first passenger jet aircraft in the world.   First VTOL flight (Vertical Take Off and Landing) on the test site, the Flying Bedstead from Rolls-Royce (GB).
1967 1969 1970 1977
Trident 2 Concorde Jumbo Jet Boeing 747 Gossamer Albatross
Installation of a Blind Landing System Unit (BLEU) on a Trident 2 from British European Airways (GB). First flight of the Concorde, a supersonic aircraft. Boeing 747, known as the Jumbo-Jet starts its service. First flight of the Gossamer Albatross, the first human-powered airframe.

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