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About Me

Hi everyone, and welcome to this webpage. My name is Luis Vaz, I'm 28 years old and I am from Portugal. Since always I had a big passion for airplanes, and, when I was only 6, I was already in the rear seat of a trike flying trough Portugal. Flying always gave me an amazing feeling of freedom. Back on 2005 I took my private pilot license, but due to my professional life, I never have the time I would like to fly. Since I was a little kid, I started to make my own static planes, kites, and everything that could actually fly. In those years, I started to get interested about radio control, but never had the opportunity to buy my own RC plane, until I had a chance of going to Luxembourg back in 2002, and actually bought my first plane, an electric Piper Cub from Multiplex. That was only the beginning. Since then, I moved to Glow Engines, Gas Engines, and now recently in 2011 started to get really interested into RPV/FPV. Stay tunned, and see the other contents of this site, and I really hope you enjoy it.

Cheers everyone,
Luis Vaz.

Me in 2003
Me back in 2003, when I started in Glow :)